Monday, December 10, 2018

SteamPunk Art - Victorian Mining

This week we are learning about Victorian era and Steampunk art. Steampunk art was originally from the Victorian era. Steampunk art is a mix of modern and old technology such as gear, clocks and some other steampunk stuffs. Our first activity before making DLO is to draw something that is connected to steampunk, I draw a reindeer that has a gear on it, you can do any animal and just make it like its made out of metal. For this activity I work with Jericho, we work collaboratively to do this activity. There are lots of young people working that time, one of the easiest job that they can do is the trapper it is the easiest job for young people they just open and close the door so there is a fresh air coming in the mine, but there is one negative thing about this job, it is going to be boring if you open and close the door everyday. 

Friday, November 23, 2018

P.B.S Athletics Day

Today is our athletics day, there are lots of sports that we did. There are 9 station(Activity) we start at Frisbee, we just need to throw the Frisbee in to the hoop. My team is yellow, we have teamwork and we listen to our leader, unfortunately we came 2nd to the A group. Thank you to the Tamaki College student that help to make this event successfully and I also thank Mr. Ogilvie for planning and making this event for us students.  It was so much fun and challenging for our whole group, but we did a pretty good job.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Read Theory Progress

Today for reading we are checking our progress on read theory to see our improvement on our reading. My progress for this year is good and I think I improve a lot than last year. My grade is good it is grade 7 to grade 8, I will do my best to get grade 9 or 10 and my goal is not to go down to grade 6.

Friday, November 16, 2018

P.B.S Book Week - Reading Pathway

This week is book week challenge, different classes around our school are doing different activities based on Book Week. In Learning Space 2 our activities was to make a DLO showing our favourite book from our childhood to Now. My favourite book now is Amulet, it has interesting story, lots of mysteries and adventures.  

All About Meerkats - Book Week Challenge

Meerkat Mail is an amazing picture book written by a highly praised British author, whose name is Emily Gravett. To celebrate book week Mrs Anderson has read three of Emily Gravett's books and has asked us to complete three activities based on the books. The books that have read are: Wolves, Meerkat Mail, and the Big Book of Fears. All three books were written and illustrated by Emily Gravett. The book Meerkat Mail is about a Meerkat who is getting sick of living with his family and throughout the week he went and lived with relatives who live a different lifestyle he is used to. At the end of the book he finally understands why he has to live like he does so he returned home. 

Book Week Challenge - Wolves - Emily Gravett

Today as part of Book Week Mrs Anderson has set another Book Week task for us. First we read one of Emily Gravett's books called Wolves. Everyone enjoyed the book and had a laugh. After reading the book we were to make a DLO based on wolves. We were to make a table: One side which had what we think about wolves and the other side saying what is true about wolves. For example if the myth was Wolves and dogs are related we were to search up if it was true or not and tell why. I really had a fun time doing this.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Do Illustration Matter Why?

This week is our book week, today our activities is to make an analysis to the questions that we answer. The question I choose is Do Illustration matter? My opinion is, illustration is really good because it helps the reader imagine the story and it draws the picture in the readers mind.